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Tony Richards, Musical Director.

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Our band meets each Wednesday at the Gweek Reading Room at 7:30pm.

If you are a brass player looking for a fun group to join, why not come along and see what it is all about?  

Gweek Silver Band at the Cornwall Music Festival 21 March 2015

This year, the Gweek Silver Band will celebrate its 90th anniversary. Tradition plays a great part in the band, and this includes our annual Gala Week.  

Unfortunately, despite many repairs, our stage is now on its last legs and the effort involved in assembling it each year has become too much for the band members. This fact, together with other issues, such as problems with the pig roast spit and awkward vehicular access to the field, the committee has decided to take a brave step and make some changes.

The first step was to find another venue, and the band is delighted to be able to use the excellent facilities of the Helford River Gig Club on the outskirts of Gweek, on the road to Boskenwyn School. The band has also been able to purchase some staging which should be much easier to assemble. The pig will no longer be roasted on a spit over an open log fire, but caterers will do the job using a specifically designed gas powered oven.

This year Band Sunday will take place on 24th July at 6:30pm, and consist only of concerts by Gweek and the Porthleven Town Band. Despite this, visitors can be ensured of an evening of excellent entertainment.

The Pig Roast will be held on Tuesday 26th July at 6:30pm and, as usual, will include children’s sports, tug-of-war, sheaf pitching and several other games and stalls. Entertainment will be provided by Helston Concert Brass.

The clay-pigeon shoot will take place at Zelah Farm, Gweek on Friday 22nd July at 6pm.

The committee and players of Gweek Silver Band hope that these changes to the long standing customs will not detract from the popularity of one of the main events on the village calendar and a large source of income for band funds. All are warmly invited to what is hoped will be a very successful Gala Week.